ICC Alaska

Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) Alaska is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works on behalf of the Inupiat of the North Slope, Northwest and Bering Straits Regions; St. Lawrence Island Yupik; and the Central Yup’ik and Cup’ik of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Region in Southwest Alaska. Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska is a national member of ICC International.

President’s Message

Jimmy Stotts photoGreetings and welcome to Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska’s newly updated website. We hope your visit will be informative and enjoyable. We thank you for your interest in our organization and hope you will be inspired to learn more about the culture and aspirations of Inuit.

As you navigate through our website you will find historical and organizational information about ICC, as well as information concerning directions ICC will pursue in the future. There’s information on positions ICC has taken on a number of issues important to Inuit. Inquiries about what Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska is involved in are always welcome.

In particular we would like to draw your attention to the Kitigaaryuit Declaration , which is ICC’s work plan for the current term (2014-2018). The Declaration was adopted at the 2014 ICC General Assembly by Inuit delegates from Alaska (USA), Canada, Greenland and Chukotka (Russia). We would also like to direct you to the 2014-2018 ICC-Alaska Strategic Plan, which lays out ICC Alaska’s priorities and plans to implement the Kitigaaryuit Declaration. These two documents will give you a good overview of what ICC-Alaska will be involved in over the next few years.

Finally, please take a closer look at Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska’s newsletter, “DRUM”, which contains a wealth of information on current activities of our organization. You can also find all past issues on this website to get a historical overview of activities since 2008. If you want to receive news or notice when DRUM is posted online via email, please sign up on the contact page.



Board of Directors

Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska is governed by a fourteen member Board of Directors who are appointed by member organizations. Member organizations include the regional Tribal non-profit organizations, regional Alaska Native corporations from the North Slope, Northwest Arctic, Bering Straits and Southwest regions; and the North Slope and Northwest Arctic Boroughs. Elder and youth representatives also serve on the Board. All board members are Inuit and represent communities and regions served by Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska.

ICC Alaska Staff

James Stotts, President

Kelly Eningowuk, Executive Director

Carolina Behe, Indigenous Knowledge/Science Advisor

Eilene Adams, Project Assistant

Vernae Angnaboogok, Cultural Sustainability Advisor

Strategic Plan 2014-2018

The Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska Strategic Plan includes the strategic goals for Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska for the 2014-2018 term. Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska uses the Declaration that results from each ICC General Assembly to drive its strategic plan and set its priorities for the term. The Kitigaaryuit Declaration  was used in developing the 2014-2018 ICC-Alaska Strategic Plan.

Current priorities include:

  • Priority One: To Advocate for Inuit Food Security
  • Priority Two: To Ensure Inuit Perspective, Concerns and Interests are Represented at the Arctic Council
  • Priority Three: To Build Upon and Promote the Implementation of the Alaska Inuit Education Improvement Strategy
  • Priority Four: To Promote the Utilization of Indigenous Knowledge
  • Priority Five: To Engage Youth in ICC
  • Priority Six: To Promote Inuit Health and Well-Being
  • Priority Seven: To Encourage Sustainable Economic Development in the Arctic

To learn more, access the full document here.

Job Openings

No job openings at this time.