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[custom_headline id="" class="" style=""]Circumpolar Inuit Protocols For Equitable and Ethical Engagement[/custom_headline]

Circumpolar Inuit Protocols for Equitable and Ethical Engagement

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[custom_headline id=”” class=”” style=””]Inuit Summits[/custom_headline][button href=”http://iccalaska.org/media-and-reports/circumpolar-inuit-economic-summit/” title=”” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”” style=””]Circumpolar Inuit Economic Summit[/button][gap size=”1.313em” id=”” class=”” style=””][button href=”http://iccalaska.org/circumpolar-inuit-wildlife-management-summit/?preview=true” title=”” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”” style=””]Circumpolar Inuit Wildlife Management Summit[/button][gap size=”1.313em” id=”” class=”” style=””][button href=”http://iccalaska.org/media-and-reports/inuit-education-summit/” title=”” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”” style=””]Inuit Education Summit[/button][custom_headline level=”h2″ id=”” class=”” style=””]I am Inuit[/custom_headline]

I AM INUIT is an ICC-Alaska project that seeks to connect the world with Alaskan Inuit (Inupiat, Yup’ik, Cup’ik and St. Lawrence Island Yupik) and the Arctic, through common humanity. Go to www.iaminuit.org for further information and to find the links to the project social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr

I AM INUIT wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of these organizations:

Alaska Dispatch News
The Alaska Humanities Forum
Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
Kawerak, Incorporated
Maniilaq Association
NANA Regional Corporation 
The Oak Foundation

[custom_headline level=”h2″ id=”” class=”” style=””]ICC Arctic Policy[/custom_headline]Over the years, the Inuit Arctic Policy has become the main document for development on many issues in the Arctic and has contributed significantly in numerous ways as the Arctic has changed profoundly since the beginning of this work. Arctic states and others are invited to join with Inuit in the ongoing challenge of building and carrying out a common Arctic vision that is clearly supportive of the Arctic environment and beneficial to humankind. This is the third edition of the Inuit Arctic Policy.

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“Utqiagvik Declaration” Passed at the 2018 General Assembly in Utqiagvik, Alaska

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“Kitigaaryuit Declaration”  Passed at the 2014 General Assembly in Inuvik, Canada
“Nuuk Declaration” Passed at the 2010 General Assembly in Nuuk, Greenland

Utqiagvik Declaration” Passed at the 2006 General Assembly in Barrow, Alaska
“Declaration on Resource Development Principles in Inuit Nunaat” Passed at the Inuit Leaders Summit on Resource Development, Ottawa, Canada, February 2011
“Moscow Declaration” Passed at the Arctic Leaders Summit, April 2010
“Inuit Declaration on Arctic Sovereignty” Adopted by the Inuit Circumpolar Council, April 2009
“Inuit Circumpolar Council Executive Council Resolution 16-01”  A Resolution of Support for Eskimo Walrus Commission’s Opposition of Including Walrus, Mammoth, and Mastodon Ivory in African Elephant Ivory Ban Laws in the United States[/text_output][/accordion_item]

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[gap size=”1.313em” id=”” class=”” style=””][button href=”https://iccalaska.org/media-and-reports/drum/” title=”” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”” style=””]See full archive of DRUM Newsletter[/button][gap size=”1.313em” id=”” class=”” style=””]
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Press Release: Inuit Delegates with Strong Presence at Central Arctic Ocean Fisheries Agreement Scientific Coordinating Group Meeting March 2023

Press Release: Climate report reinforces Inuit message to the world: Act now before it’s too late March 2023

Press Release: Protecting Indigenous Languages: It takes Individual and Collective Determination “International Mother Language Day” February 2023

Press Release: International Chair of Inuit Circumpolar Council attends major security policy conference: “Arctic Cooperation Must Continue”  February 2023

Press Release: Inuit Call for Arctic Underwater Noise Pollution Reduction at Global Shipping Negotiations January 2023

Press Release: Inuit and Small Island States Collaborate with their Many Strong Voices at the IMO December 2022

Press Release: Post COP27  One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – Gains and losses at COP 27  November 2022

Press Release: Inuit: Arctic climate change is now a global reality November 2022  Position Paper Statement

Press Release: UNDRIP 15th Anniversary: The framework is established, more work must be done  September 2022

Press Release: International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples: Inuit welcome the historic UN General Assembly recognition of a clean, healthy, sustainable environment as a human right August 2022

Press Release: Circumpolar Inuit Hold 14th ICC General Assembly – New Chair Elected: Sara Olsvig2022 Declaration Adopted July 2022

Press Release: 14th ICC General Assembly “Inuit – Strength and Peace” June 2022

Press Release: Inuit Circumpolar Council Establishes New Standard in International Engagement with the Release of Circumpolar Inuit Protocols for Equitable and Ethical Engagement June 2022

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Press Release: ICC and Kawerak, Inc Publication on Co-Production of Knowledge March 2022

Press Release: Inuit Circumpolar Council, first Indigenous Peoples Organization to formally participate as an Observer at the IPCC March 2022

ICC Press Release: A victory for Inuit at IMO – Indigenous Knowledge to be included to deal with underwater ship noise pollution January 2022

ICC Press Release: Inuit and Small Islands Aligned on Reducing Black Carbon and the Decarbonization of the Global Shipping Fleet to Protect Vulnerable Communities December 2021

Press Release: Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) to Hold 14th General Assembly Virtually in 2022 November 2021

Press Release: Inuit Voices to be Heard at IMO on Critical Shipping Issues November 2021

Press Release: Inuit Delegation Heading to COP26 Climate Change Meeting – Call on Global Leaders to Take Three Critical Actions October 2021  Inuit Circumpolar Council UNFCCC COP 26 Position Paper

Press Release: 2021 ICC Health Summit Begins Online for a Month – Focusses on Links Between Inuit Culture and Health September 2021

Press Release: Arctic Council at 25 – Plaudits for Early Achievements Inuit Say it Needs to Understand “Meaningful Engagement” September 2021

Press Release: Inuit Joint Submission to UN Special Rapporteur: Four Key Recommendations to Improve Access to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Infrastructure August 2021  Access to Drinking Water and Sanitation Infrastructure in Inuit Nunaat

Press Release: Inuit Review the IPCC 6th Assessment Report on The Physical Science Basis and Prepare for Crucial COP26 Talks in Glasgow August 2021

Press Release: Inuit United in Solidarity for Indigenous Communities in Canada Following Discovery of 215 Children in Unmarked Graves June 2021

Press Release: Inuit Congratulate Arctic Council on 25th Anniversary Urge Greater Role for Permanent Participants May 2021

Press Release: Ahead of Earth Day 2021, ICC Obtains Observer Status within the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) April 2021

Press Release: ICC Presents Case for Consultative Status to IMO Council March 2021

Press Release: Inuit Call for Stronger Protections for Safe Arctic Shipping Considering Weak HFO Ban Passed at IMO November 2020

Press Release: ICC Policy Paper on “Local Communities” Chronicles Opposition to the Undermining and Erosion of Inuit Rights October 2020  (POLICY PAPER ON THE MATTER OF “LOCAL COMMUNITIES”)

Press Release: The  Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska releases Inuit led report: Food Sovereignty and Self-Governance – Inuit Role in Arctic Marine Resource Management September 2020

Press Release: ICC Launches Podcast: ᐅᓂᒃᑳᑦ / UNIKKAAT / UNIPKAAT / UNGIPAGHAT / NALLUNAIRUTET / Circumpolar Waves August 2020

Press Release: Ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic Highlights Infrastructure Gaps Across Circumpolar Regions Related to Inuit Health – Demonstrates Strength of Inuit Culture April 2020


Press Release: Inuit Circumpolar Council Calls for Safe Arctic Shipping to Protect Inuit Rights and the Marine Environment – ICC Applies for IMO Consultative Status February 2020

Press Release: ICC Alaska launches first ever Emerging Alaskan Inuit Leaders Initiative October 2019

Press Release: Our Food Forever – Alaska Inuit Food Sovereignty Summit September 2019

Press Release: Inuit call for self-determination, partnership, and recognition of human rights in science and research at International Arctic Science Ministerial  October 2018                                

Press Release: ICC Chair Addresses Arctic Biodiversity Congress, Emphasizes the Interconnectedness of Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Indigenous Rights October 2018      

Press Release: Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) Alaska to launch Alaskan Inuit Food Sovereignty Initiative October 2018

Press Release: Circumpolar Inuit Conclude 13th General Assembly – New Chair Elected: Dr. Dalee Sambo Dorough – Utqiaġvik Declaration Adopted July 2018.

Press Release: Inuit Across Circumpolar Nations Mourn the Death of Former ICC President Hans Pavia Rosing July 2018
Press Release: Inuit from Russia, Alaska, Canada and Greenland Meet in Nuuk at Inuit Education Summit February 2018
Press Release: Cravalho Appointed to Arctic Economic Council January 2018
Press Release: An Inuit Vision for the Future of the Pikialasorsuaq November 2017
Press Release: Inuit Reaffirm Solidarity on Sustainable Use of the Arctic’s Living Resources November 2017
Press Release: Inuit Day 2017 November 2017
Press Release: Inuit Circumpolar Council Wildlife Management Summit November 2017
Press Release: ICC Pikialasorsuaq Commission Calls for Postponement of Russian Rocket Launch October 2017
Press Release: Nancy Karetak-Lindell Named Acting Chair of Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) October 2017
Press Release: Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) Celebrates International Day Of the World’s Indigenous Peoples August 2017
Press Release: ICC Announces Patron and Theme for the 13th ICC General Assembly July 2017
Press Release: ICC Welcomes the World to Celebrate 40 years of Arctic Advocacy on Behalf of Inuit: For Inuit, by Inuit, with Inuit June 2017
Press Release: ICC Takes the Opportunity to Observe and Reflect the Arctic Council Ministerial May 2017
Press Release: Utqiaġvik to Host Inuit Circumpolar Council’s 2018 General Assembly  April 2017
Press Release: Circumpolar Inuit Forge Path Towards International Business Cooperation March 2017
Press Release: Inuit Circumpolar Council to convene Circumpolar Inuit Economic Summit in Anchorage March 2017
Press Release: I am Inuit Exhibit at Anchorage Museum February 2017
Press Release: Building Momentum on Climate Change Through Meaningful Action ICC Urges Local and Global Action Now November 2016
Press Release: ICC Alaska to host first ever Alaska Inuit Education Alignment Summit November 2016
Press Release: November 7th Inuit Day November 2016
Press Release: Renowned Inupiaq Leader Edward Saggan Itta Passes Away November 2016
Press Release: Inuit Circumpolar Council states the Need for Inuit Knowledge in Evidence Based Decision Making March 2016
Press Release: Inuit Circumpolar Council Salutes the Canada-USA Statement on Arctic Cooperation March 2016
Press Release: The Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC)-Alaska releases report on Inuit food security:  Alaskan Inuit Food Security Conceptual Framework: How To Assess the Arctic From an Inuit Perspective reports December 2015
Press Release: I am Inuit Meet the People of the Arctic December 2015
Press Release: ICC Calls on All to Celebrate Inuit Day November 2015
Press Release: ICC Commends the Polar Range States Recognition of Traditional Knowledge in Polar Bear Management September 2015
Press Release: ICC Executive Council Meets in Bethel, Alaska August 2015
Press Release: Arctic Indigenous Languages Assessment Symposium February 2015
Resolution 2015-1 Conservation of the Pacific WalrusJanuary 2015
Press Release: Inuit Circumpolar Council Executive Committee Meets in Nuuk, Greenland,  January 2015

Press Release: ICC’s Involvement at UN WCIP, September 2014
Press Release: Canada’s Prime Minister to serve as patron of the Inuit Circumpolar Council’s quadrennial General Assembly  – March 2014
ICC Press Release on Arctic Council Senior Arctic Officials Meeting in Whitehorse, October 2013
“Inuit Call on Global Leaders at UNFCCC COP 18 in Doha, Qatar: Making the most of the 2013-2015 review and the second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol” – December 2012
“Media Release Regarding UN Mercury Negotiations” July 2012
“Inuit Call on Global Leaders at COP 17: Binding Agreement Urgently Needed to Ensure the Future of
“Joint ITK/ICC – Canadian Inuit Welcome US Support to Import Legally Hunted Polar Bear Skins”May 2011
“Arctic Council Ministers Meeting Concludes, U.S. is Well-Represented”May 2011
“ICC Press Release – Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting”May 2011
“Inuit to Develop Declaration on Responsible Resource Development in Arctic Regions”February 2011
“Inuit Leaders Summit on Resource Development”February 2011
“ICC Alaska welcomes the United States’ decision to endorse UNDRIP”December 2010
“Inuit Leader Applauds Canada’s Movement towards Full Recognition of UNDRIP”November 2010
“Inuit Leader says Minister Cannon Prorogued the Arctic”March 2010
“Circumpolar Inuit Call on Global Leaders to Act on Arctic Climate Change at COP15”November 2009
“Circumpolar Inuit call European seal import ban ’totally immoral’”July 2009
“Canadian Inuit Call for Direct Say on Arctic Sovereignty”June 2008 [/accordion_item]

[custom_headline level=”h2″ id=”” class=”” style=””]Speeches[/custom_headline]

“A Need to Focus on Indigenous Priorities” James Stotts, ICC Alaska President, Arctic Council Ministerial, May 2021

“Arctic Change – What’s Next?” James Stotts, ICC Alaska President, Arctic Council Ministerial, May 2019  

 “Indigenous Peoples, Biodiversity and their Interrelated Nature” Dalee Sambo Dorough, ICC Chair, Arctic Biodiversity Congress, October 2018

“Remarks of Incoming Chair” Dalee Sambo Dorough, 13th General Assembly of the Inuit Circumpolar Council, July 20, 2018                                                                    

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 “Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting” Okalik Eegeesiak, ICC Chair, Arctic Council Ministerial, May 2017
“Food Security (The Happy Criminal Life)” Jim Stotts, ICC Chair, Alaska Federation of Natives Annual Convention, October 2009
“Global Climate Change (There’s a War Going On)” Jim Stotts, ICC Chair, COP15 – Inuit and Arctic Indigenous People’s Day, December 2009
“Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas” Jim Stotts, ICC Chair, Arctic Leaders Summit, April 2010
“Responding to Emerging Challenges in the Arctic” Jim Stotts, ICC Chair, Arctic Council Deputy Ministers Meeting, May 2010
“Offshore Oil and Gas Development (We Need a Time Out)” Jim Stotts, ICC Chair, Arctic Environmental Ministers Meeting, June 2010
“The New Arctic (The Next 30 Years)” Jim Stotts, ICC Chair, ICC General Assembly, June 2010
“Arctic Caucus Statement: Economic and Social Development” Aqqaluk Lynge, ICC Chair, 10th United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, May 2011
“Issues Relating to the Local Inhabitants and Indigenous Communities” Aqqaluk Lynge, ICC Greenland President, Ministerial Summit of Arctic Oceans, May 2008
Address to the Northern Waters Task Force Jim Stotts, ICC Alaska President, December 2010
Address to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council Jim Stotts, ICC Alaska President, June 2011
“Conditions for an Arctic Imperative (The Inuit Perspective)” Jim Stotts, ICC Alaska President, Arctic Imperative Summit, June 2011
“Responsible Resource Development” Marie Greene, ICC General Assembly, June 2010
Empowerment of Inuit and Balance Carolina Behe, 11th Arctic Frontiers Conference, January 2017[/accordion_item]