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Alaskan Inuit Food Security Conceptual Framework: How to Access the Arctic From an Inuit Perspective

Project Summary: Coming soon.

Alaskan Inuit Food Security Conceptual Framework: How to Assess the Arctic From An Inuit Perspective, 2016:

Food Security Workshop Reports:

Reports on the Food Security Project:

Arctic Food Security: How to Assess Food Security from an Inuit Perspective

For further information, contact Carolina Behe, Indigenous Knowledge/Science Advisor

Alaskan Inuit Education Improvement Project

Project Summary: Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) Alaska initiated a project to improve Alaskan Inuit education in response to the 2010 Nuuk Declaration where ICC delegates decided to hold a Circumpolar Inuit Education Summit to come up with recommendations on developing culturally appropriate curriculum and other education issues. Following the Nuuk General Assembly, the ICC Alaska board made this effort the number two priority during its strategic planning process. In preparation for the Circumpolar Summit, ICC Alaska facilitated the development of the Alaska Inuit Education Improvement Strategy. Unfortunately, the Summit was not held during Greenland’s chairmanship due to a funding shortfall.

Despite not having a Circumpolar Summit, ICC Alaska continued on and began fundraising to assist in the implementation of the recommendations contained in the Strategy. In 2015, we were awarded a 3 year grant to facilitate the implementation of the Strategy from the United States Department of Education through the Alaska Native Education Program. The Alaskan Inuit Education Alignment Summit is a directive in the Strategy.

A renewed call for the Circumpolar Summit was mandated in the July 2014 Kitigaaryuit Declaration at the Inuvik General Assembly. The Summit is currently planned to be held in Greenland in 2018. We intend to share the results of our Alaska specific efforts at the Circumpolar Summit as well as further build alignment with Inuit across the Circumpolar north to strengthen our collective efforts to improve Inuit education.

For further information, contact Pauline Harvey, Education Project Director

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Project Summary: I AM INUIT is an Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska project that seeks to connect the world with Alaskan Inuit (Inupiat, Yup’ik, Cup’ik and St. Lawrence Island Yupik) and the Arctic, through common humanity.

Go to www.iaminuit.org for further information and to find the links to the project social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

I AM INUIT wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of these organizations:


For further information, contact Vernae Angnaboogok, Cultural Sustainability Advisor (include link to her email vernae@iccalaska.org)

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